Our commitment to providing a good work environment is matched by our commitment to safeguarding our natural environment.

As part of our Atlas Green initiative, we adopt sustainable practices across a wide range of activities and make every effort to operate in an environmentally-friendly way.

We use environmentally-friendly products, recycled or recyclable packaging and energy-efficient practices in all areas of our business and encourage green initiatives of our staff.

So far we have adopted the following sustainable practices:

  • Converted our everyday office paper to 100% post consumer recycled material.
  • Increased our recycling of our paper, cartons everyday office waste.
  • Encourage our customers and employees to choose electronic communications instead of paper-based communications.
  • Implemented energy efficient upgrades to our warehouse including skylights, increased insulation and environmentally friendly lighting throughout the warehouse.
  • Implemented energy efficient upgrades to our Office including, accredited environmentally-friendly hand dryers in our restrooms, environmentally friendly lighting throughout our office and sensor lights in our restrooms.
  • 20% of our electricity we use is from Australian Government accredited GreenPowerTM.
  • Implemented energy-efficient and environmentally friendly warehouse practices, such as recycling and monthly ordering, which reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact while delivery savings.
  • Our letterhead, with compliment slips, business cards and price lists have been converted to 100% recycled paper using 100% post consumer waste which is FSC COC Certified and printed using vegetable based inks.
  • Our existing delivery cartons converted to environmentally friendly cartons, manufactured with 100% recycled material and printed using vegetable based inks.

We are continually working to increase the environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to reduce waste and improve resource management at work.

All of our employees are enthusiastic in our efforts in becoming more sustainable and are continually suggesting ways we can improve.