Inventory Management

We don’t just fill your order. We also help you manage your inventory.

Once you become a customer, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the Atlas McNeil Healthcare Inventory Management System, a personalised inventory management system provided to all Atlas McNeil Healthcare customers under contract.

The process begins with an audit and organisation of your stockroom. Specific tasks include:

  • Reviewing your needs to identify opportunities for rationalising your inventory
  • Showing you cost-effective alternatives to current products that you stock
  • Sorting products on shelves into groups
  • Labelling shelves
  • Installing a whiteboard for any special orders or requests
  • Creating a personalised order form and establishing a minimum stock level for a set period of time

Once you’re set up, you can manage your orders on-line to monitor your stock levels and process your order. Annually, your Account Manager can review your stockroom to ensure continual improvement.

The end result? The right stock when and where you need it, no overstocks, easy ordering, continual monitoring. All included in our standard service contract.