A Decade of Dedication: A Conversation with Steven Pezzetta, General Manager

As Atlas McNeil Healthcare celebrates its 10th anniversary, we're taking a moment to spotlight the incredible people who have made our journey possible. Today, we chat with Steven Pezzetta, our General Manager, who has been with AMH since its very beginnings in 2001.

A Passion for Service

Steven's career path is steeped in a desire to elevate the healthcare landscape. With over 25 years of industry experience prior to founding AMH, he recognized a gap in service delivery. "We saw a need for innovation in areas like inventory management, education, and reliable supply, particularly within the Aged Care sector," he explains. This passion for service continues to be a driving force at AMH.

From Operations Manager to Leader

Steven's role at AMH has evolved alongside the company's growth. Starting as the operations manager, he wore many hats – from warehouse to customer support, sales, and even deliveries. As AMH expanded, his focus shifted to leadership. Today, he oversees a talented team, drawing on his well-rounded knowledge of all departments.

Relationships and Growth

For Steven, the most rewarding aspects of his role are the diversity it offers and the incredible people he works with. "The team at AMH is incredibly loyal, respectful, and highly professional," he shares. Building strong relationships has been a hallmark of his career, extending not only to colleagues but also to customers and suppliers.

Looking Forward: Challenges and Opportunities

The healthcare industry faces a unique set of challenges, including international freight disruptions, maintaining quality care, and workforce shortages. In 2024, Steven's focus remains on strengthening relationships within the sector. "We want to be seen not just as a product supplier, but as a partner in providing solutions to address these challenges," he emphasizes.

The future of healthcare, Steven believes, will see an emphasis on quality and patient outcomes, alongside efforts to address workforce shortages and explore technological advancements. For AMH's customers, navigating cost efficiencies and a potential skills gap will be key.

The Value of Communication

One of the most valuable lessons Steven has learned in recent times is the importance of clear communication. "Effective communication is critical across all aspects of the business – with customers, suppliers, and within our own teams," he stresses.

A Message of Partnership

As Atlas McNeil Healthcare embarks on its next chapter, Steven has a heartfelt message for customers: "We are a team of knowledgeable individuals with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and its challenges. We are here to help, and we value collaborating with our customers and suppliers to find solutions together."

If you would like to contact Steven or one of the Atlas McNeil Healthcare team, please do so HERE.