AIM Alternatives

The AIM Value Range:

Specially selected products offering exceptional value.

In addition to offering a complete range of products from all the leading brands, we’re also always on the lookout for products which offer an outstanding combination of quality, affordability and availability.

Those products are then selected to carry the AIM Code, signifying exceptional value.

The AIM Value Range is continually reviewed and updated, ensuring you always have access to the best value products without taking up your valuable time comparing products.

Categories include:

  •     Alginate dressings
  •     Catheters
  •     Compression bandages
  •     Crepe bandages
  •     Film dressings
  •     Foam dressings
  •     Gauze dressings
  •     Gel
  •     Hydrocolloid dressings
  •     Non adhesive and adhesive dressings
  •     Scar reduction dressings
  •     Sheaths
  •     Silicone dressings
  •     Tape - fabric and paper
  •     Wipes - barrier and remove